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About Us

Our new footwear line will enrich the whole collection and complements the style of the most Modern man. The new footwear collection integrates diversity and distinction, reflecting the various needs of contemporary men, it suits formal, classic and casual looks.


Our Mission


Our new footwear line will enrich the whole collection and complements the style of the most Modern man.

The new footwear collection integrates diversity and distinction, reflecting the various needs of contemporary men, it suits formal, classic and casual looks.

Our philosophy of Caring of every small detail in our designs, that our footwear products are trendy, modern and unique.

Each detail of the shoe is finely treated to ensure maximum comfort, softness, leather quality, and extreme flexibility. Plus, a distinctive combination of shoes includes:

- Genuine Leather
- Rubber sole to add more comfort
- Lining protection
- Modern designs came from France, Spain, Italy and England
- Use the latest technology in shoes with a fashion touch


Joy & Roy



Our History:

In March 2016, Joadore Group (JOY&ROY) made its first appearance in the Egyptian market. In four years, JOY&ROY has opened 17 Stores all over Egypt. (JOY&ROY) has quickly become from the top destinations amongst Egyptian men and women. products quality is constantly up to the latest market trends. (JOY&ROY) has a huge presence in the market. Season after season, (JOY&ROY) introduces fresh styles at reasonable prices.

Men has been founded in Egypt 2020, it shows the optimum quality and exclusivity of the Joint-production lines in PRC with France, Spain, Italy and England and considered as an iconic accessory in the male closet and an essential detail of style especially the modern style.

Our Market Background:

*we have a sophisticated and versatile approach, driven by a concept of easy-to-wear and unconventional luxury, we focus on remodeling of the classic Materials through multiple variations and customizations to combine elegance and convenience to meet the customer needs in daily life.

*We have more than 12 years’ Experience in manufacturing & selling (whole sale) men shoes, bags and belts.

*This distinctive aesthetic style comes out of using new materials, fabrics, colors, and embellishments, that makes our designs unique and rich in detail. every piece in our collection can be considered as a statement piece in your closet.

*In addition to the street-look and the various shoe style, JOY&ROY men collection offers in the future a wide variety of shoe-matching accessories including belts, Bags and socks.

Inspired by French & Italian trend and European taste with Our Middle East look, Taste and Full our Customer Needs

*Vision is to create new fashion line in footwear, bags and accessories for woman in Egypt to competition the international market

*Designers create the designs seasonally for production in which are customized to match the middle eastern style and look in patterns and designs worthy Footwear, Bags & Accessories with accessible prices, we have a portfolio of designs to suite all ages and suit for all times: working, wedding parting, studding and life style

*Our Market Background and designs portfolio Came from over 12 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing shoes, bags and accessories for man and woman, so we take care of all our consumer tastes in our head office in China and Egypt.

*Our experience in the international market helps us to choose the best designs and products for our customers.

*Brand Concept gives the Egyptian Market Trendy Footwear, Bags, Accessories with High quality & Accessible price, to make the Egyptian woman be able to follow the latest international designs with our taste.

*Brand Positioning Elegance, Trendy, High quality, Fashionable Designs and Loyal customers.

*Brand Registration Joy&Roy is officially Registered in Egypt and Hong Kong.

*Brand Values Stylish life style for every woman, be Elegant all the time. Our designs give the woman self-confident and more in depended.

*Vision Take the Egyptian (footwear, bags and accessories) market to highest level, make it more fashionable and provide every woman and teen be trendy and stylish.

*Mission provide Footwear Market share with huge Variety and full all Women Needs in Footwear by Providing Exceptional Customer Services.


Support 24/7

Our Competitive Advantage:

Unique Store Concept

Crafting unique brand identity based on the dynamic of the store design with all the furniture and products, also based on choose the best store location to helps us to apply our store concepts expressed aesthetically through interesting and strong store concepts.

Visual Merchandising

Communicating brand personality and seasonal trend stories through window display and in-store merchandising. Our visual merchandise guide line created in our head office in China seasonally.

Fast Turnover of Designs

Commercial designs, trend-based, minimum new arrivals per week. Prove that our huge portfolio of designs and products annually.

Our Team Work

One of our strength points is our dynamic team that work as one man to apply our company vision, and the fast communication between them.

Our History

Our previous experience in wholesale and retail makes us gure out the weakness points of Egyptian market and improve it.

Customer Services

Became on the top of our mission to set up a base of loyal customer, Help us in that:

  • 1- our customer services department that handle all the customer`s issues, problems.
  • 2- Our Social Media quick respond rat 92%.

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